Yellowstone Helicopters Good Neighbor Policy

Great helicopter companies start by being great local partners, and Yellowstone Helicopters works with local businesses and stakeholders in West Yellowstone and beyond to be a local partner.

Here’s how we’re making scenic flights in and around Yellowstone’s outback a reality offering up value scenic tours to locals, visitors, the differently abled, regional NGO’s and government agencies here in West Yellowstone.

West Yellowstone Wildlife Policy

Our wildlife policy is, “First, do no harm.” We take great care in spotting wildlife from the air and creating an airspace around those animals to avoid negative wildlife encounters. Our minimum flight altitude is 1000 feet above terrain at all times, and when we spot larger wildlife and livestock we give them the space they need to enjoy the day.

Wildlife encounters are always exciting, but ensuring these animals have the ability to go throughout the day without recurring flight patterns is important to us and the greater Yellowstone ecosystem outside the park. Bears, Wolves, Bison and Elk all need space to roam the wild and scenic American West.

West Yellowstone Ranch, Home and NO FLY Zone Policy

Occasionally, our traffic pattern flies over private residences and ranches outside of West Yellowstone. Direct overflight of private property cannot always be helped. In most cases, our flight routes can be modified if requested. You may call our Director of Operations Marc Ballif to discuss a “no fly” request for a specific location. We try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

We recently added a No Fly zone to a Bald Eagle rookery location near Horse Butte. Thanks to local Yellowstone native Sarah Bennett for alerting us to that special location and giving us the opportunity to be a good wildlife neighbor. We love eagles!

Local NGO Flight Donations

Wildlife NGO’s spend a lot of time fundraising. We are here to help with donations of aircraft and flights to local NGO’s seeking to fundraise for wildlife and habitat restoration, monitoring, and conservation throughout the entire Yellowstone region. Call us with specific requests and tell us how we can help make Yellowstone a better, more vibrant place.

Yellowstone Locals Flights and Familiarization (FAM) Flights

Aviation is an important part of West Yellowstone’s history going back 100 years when the first biplanes landed in West Yellowstone to thrilled locals. We’re excited to offer discounted flights to all locals here in West Yellowstone and are in the process of creating a “Student Day” at the West Yellowstone Airport to give children a taste of Montana’s aviation history. To take advantage of special local flight pricing please call our Director of Operations, Marc Ballif.

Let’s fly!


Worth every penny. Great pilot and beautiful views!

Jessica Miller

This flight was a birthday present for my wife and I let our two daughters go along. It was a great smooth flight and the got to see an elk herd from overhead. We have been in the area many times but to see Hebgen Lake, Quake Lake along with the mountains from above was very exciting for them. My 20 year old daughter said the view was incredible and then she looked out of the window. I guess the pilot was cute. Thanks to Tadd, the ground person and pilot for making this happen!

Mark Crowley

Took a early morning tour with Jeremy. Great pilot and wonderful experience. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, and fantastic time. Look forward to next time!

Bill Metzger

Amazing staff and very accommodating. Must check these guys out if you are in the area! We had a party of four so we were able to take a tandem flight and still see the sights together!

Matt Hobbs

Wonderful experience! Great pilot and team! Can’t wait till next year!

Tammy Tamplin

We had searched online for quite some time during our Yellowstone vacation planning for a reasonably priced helicopter tour we could do while on our trip out west and I am so glad we found this company. Marc was able to arrange an hour-long flight for us like I wanted for a very fair price and was so easy to work with. His response to my inquiries while planning was much more prompt, thorough, and courteous than other companies I had checked into. When we arrived for our flight, everyone on the team was very professional and welcoming and we ended up having a fabulous tour with our pilot, Justin. It was our first time in a helicopter and he made us feel totally comfortable, explained all the sights, and answered all our questions. He even back-tracked so I could get pictures of the elk we spotted. We saw a herd of bison crossing the river, and it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of view. I highly recommend this company and if I am ever back in West Yellowstone we will be looking forward to flying with them again. Thank you Yellowstone Helicopters for the outstanding experience!! Loved it!

Carson Lammers & Family

I did the Grizzly 20 minute tour today and had an amazing flight with Kameron! He was knowledgeable about the area and history and was an excellent pilot! It was an amazing experience to see West Yellowstone from the air and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Definitely would recommend family and friends!

Nathan Nelson