Summer Helicopter Tours and Scenic Flights in Yellowstone

Summer in the west means impossibly blue skies and the ever-present hum of loads of tourists, right? Well, not exactly — it’s a common myth that’s easily debunked if you travel and vacation in Yellowstone this summer and take advantage of inexpensive helicopters for scenic flights and adventures? Let’s fly!

Scenic Helicopter Tours in Yellowstone’s Outback – For Less

Our $69 helicopter tours showcase the unique and scenic backcountry of greater Yellowstone, far from the crowds and bus tours that dominate a visit to Yellowstone national Park. Fly with us on a private helicopter to the best Yellowstone experience this year!

Wildlife Spotting in Yellowstone

Late summer means it’s the elk’s turn to rut, and if you think elk are boring you’ve probably not yet heard them bugle. The bulls, crazed with testosterone, will sometimes chase cars, so remember (as always) to be alert and not get closer than 25 yards. Keep an eye out for them along the Hayden Valley and up near Mammoth.

Horseback Riding in Yellowstone

Guided trail rides are around $55 for an hour or $75 for two hours. Roosevelt Lodge, which also offers stagecoach tours, offers rides in an especially beautiful area of the park, with rolling hills and waving grasses.

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“Took a early morning 60 minute helicopter tour in West Yellowstone with Jeremy. Great pilot and wonderful experience. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, and fantastic time. Look forward to next time!”

Bill Metzger

“Wow, just wow! What a wonderful experience, we took the 60 minute flight with a great pilot and ground team! Can’t wait till next year!”

Tammy Tamplin

I did the Grizzly 20 minute tour today and had an amazing flight with Kameron! He was knowledgeable about the area and history and was an excellent pilot! It was an amazing experience to see West Yellowstone from the air and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Definitely would recommend family and friends!

Nathan Nelson

“Amazing helicopter tour staff and very accommodating. Must check these guys out if you are in the area! We had a party of four so we were able to take a tandem 45 minute helicopter flight out of West Yellowstone and still see the sights together!”

Matt Hobbs

“Worth every penny, these are simply great helicopters tours of Yellowstone’s Outback. Great pilot and beautiful views, we’ll be back, book the 60 minute tour!”

Jessica Miller